Y-Peer Country Coordinator - John "Gee Twists" Waiganjo

one2one: Who is Gee?

Gee: I am 23 year young man born in a family of two in a humble urban center in Nyeri town known as Kamakwa. My parents were masters in their craft, performing arts. They served as an inspiration to my young and petite self. I never thought my future would turn out based on this genetic inspiration. 

one2one: Where did the name Gee come from?

Gee: Gee, is a name that has so much meaning and history behind the guy who it identifies and denotes. My friends nick named me Ganjos the good life for my candor, Ganjos the man for I was my own man. This morphed to Gee for the Grace of the father is upon me. 

one2one: You, just like your parents, are also an artist. When did you start off?

Gee: I made my debut in the arts was when I was still a kid in church, auditioning for a major role in the church play. I surpassed the expectations of the trainers and my colleagues but was denied a chance because I was still a kid, small and inappropriate for the role. That was not all I was denied…my innocence was taken by neighborhood women when I was still in kindergarten by being their boy toy to satisfy their insatiable sexual desires.

one2one: That is unfortunate, experiencing such trauma as a young boy...

Gee: Innocence is not all I lost. After a domestic quarrel, my father abandoned us and my mother passed on a few years later. My elder brother became my father figure. All this while still in school…high school.

one2one: So much to take at a tender age...Was there a turning point in your life?

Gee: It was in school that I found the Lord and made him my Father. I prayed that He would end up changing my life for good…a prayer that the Father would show me grace in the gifts I have and that at no one time would I not find an open door in my life and that’s he what I got…I turned out to be an award winning performer starting in high school as the best narrator, best poetic orator.

one2one: A veteran thespain already! Wow. What have been your milestones since high school?

Gee: I later became an award winning writer acclaimed nationally and globally in the global dialogues writing contest, a ToT in theater arts. I am now an aspiring film maker and screen writer working on a couple of productions with local television stations. I am also a Sunday school teacher. Towards late 2013, I was appointed the country coordinator of an international youth network (Y-PEER KENYA). That is not the end of me…Gee, This is Me.

one2one: You are indeed an inspiration to many. We congratulate and wish you all the best as you take up your new role as Y-Peer Kenya's country coordinator.  What can we expect of the network under your coordination?

Gee: Working with partners like LVCT's one2one youth programme, NOPE, HIVOS and others, we are looking to intensify trainings, capacity building and structured learning and exchange visits for young people across an array of HIV/AIDS, life skills and related issues. We want to up our communication, media and advocacy as a voice for youth SRH issues in the country. Finally, we also plan to revive our work with key populations. Partnerships will be very key this year for us.